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Switching, editing, re-ordering, cloning and deleting content bundles

This guide covers switching between bundles, editing and re-ordering items within your content bundles, cloning bundles, and deleting bundles:

Switching between content bundles
Re-ordering the items in a content bundle
Deleting individual items from a content bundle
Cloning a content bundle
Deleting an entire content bundle

Switching between content bundles

You can create multiple content bundles on EIN and you can very easily switch between bundles.

To switch to a bundle that you have created, simply click the name of the bundle on the 'Content Bundles' box:

This then becomes your current active bundle - when you click to add items to a bundle, they will go to this bundle.

You can also use the 'My bundles' page to switch between bundles.

If you have a large number of bundles (some users have hundreds), you can click to 'Hide non-active bundles' to make the 'Content Bundles' box more manageable. Click again to 'Show non-active bundles'.

Re-ordering the items in a content bundle

Click the toolbar EDIT CURRENT BUNDLE button to go to the page where you can re-order the items in a bundle:

You can then drag and drop the items in your bundle. Simply put your cursor over the cross icon and drag and drop the item to its desired location:

The item you are dragging will be highlighted in red.

You can also automatically sort items by Date or Title by clicking the relevant header in the table of items. Click again to sort by ascending or descending. Click Type to order the items grouped by type, with all case law first, then country reports. If you group by type, items of teh same type will be automatically sorted by date, newest first.

When you have finished re-ordering the items, you have to click the 'Save' button to commit those changes.

You can also access a simpler edit bundle function by going to the 'My bundles' page, finding the bundle you wish to edit and click '[Edit this bundle]'.

Deleting individual items from a content bundle

When you add an item to a content bundle, you will see that the 'ADD TO BUNDLE' command at the top of the page changes to 'REMOVE FROM BUNDLE'.

You can simply click 'REMOVE FROM BUNDLE' to remove an item. Or you can also click the icon next to the item in the Content Bundles box to remove an item:

The icon reveals a 'Remove' command when you hover your cursor over it.

Cloning a content bundle

Cloning a bundle allows you to create an exact copy of an existing bundle whilst keeping that existing bundle.

This allows you to use one of your exisitng bundles as the basis for a new bundle without losing or changing the original bundle.

To clone a bundle, go to the 'My bundles' page, find the bundle you wish to clone and click '[Clone this bundle]'.

Near the top of the page just beneath the bundle title, you will see a row of three tabs: 'View', 'Edit' and 'Clone'.

Simply click the 'Clone' tab, scroll down to the foot of the page and click the 'Save' button. You have now created an exact copy of the original bundle.

You may wish to edit the title before saving. By default, it will give the new bundle the title 'Clone of ...' and your original bundle's title.

Note that the new, cloned bundle will become your current active bundle when created.

Deleting an entire content bundle

To delete an entire bundle, click the toolbar DELETE BUNDLE button:

This takes you to a page to confirm that you really do want to delete the bundle. Click the 'Delete' button to confirm (or 'Cancel' if you do not want to delete the bundle).

Note that there is no way to retrieve a content bundle if you do delete it.

You can also use the 'My bundles' page to delete bundles.