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By Alice Muzira, 3 August 2018
For those that dared to hope and dream that the July elections in Zimbabwe would result in a win for the opposition…….. it's now time to wake up. ZANU(PF) remains in power. Whether or not the MDC Alliance will...
By Ben Amunwa, Law mostly, 2 August 2018
Parties to judicial review claims should be familiar with this new Court guide or they could face adverse costs consequences. This post gives you a comparative analysis of the key changes since the 2017 guide. One of many highlights...
By Asad Ali Khan, 30 July 2018
In Banger (C-89/17, EU:C:2018:570), the CJEU recently held that the historic decision in Surinder Singh (C-370/90, EU:C:1992:296) applies to an extended family member (EFM) and where an EU citizen returns to his member state of origin...

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