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By Samir Pasha and Naga Kandiah, 12 June 2019
What is an example of an individual contributing beyond expectations to a country? Perhaps a PhD at the prestigious Oxford University? A recent Home Office decision shows that may not be enough. The UK Home Office has in facto put in...
By Maya Pritchard, Asylos, 2 June 2019
Asylos and ARC Foundation are pleased to announce the publication of their joint report "Albania: Trafficked Boys and Young Men". The report addresses a critical gap in country of origin information (COI) in the UK refugee...
By Chrissie Gale, Jennifer Davidson & Nigel Cantwell, via The Conversation, 27 May 2019
"At 3am we were forced to leave the bus station. We were caught by the police. They asked if we had passports. We said no, we are from Afghanistan, please help us – the police drove away." Afghani refugee, 15, on...

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