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By Latitude Law, 21 March 2018
Employers who need to recruit overseas talent to fill skills gaps in their businesses find themselves limited by the monthly cap on new worker numbers. To secure permission from UK Visas and Immigration to sponsor a new migrant...
By Jonathan Metzer, UK Human Rights Blog, 7 March 2018
One way for an immigrant to gain the right to be in the UK is by making an application under the Immigration Rules. But these applications are relatively expensive and the requirements have become increasingly stringent (e.g. in a...
By Elspeth Macdonald, Migrants' Rights Network, 27 February 2018
Last week Diane Abbott, Labour's shadow Home Secretary, gave her first major speech on immigration since the 2017 election. Migrants' Rights Network (MRN) was invited along to listen, and below we share some thoughts on what,...

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