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25 May 2018: Senior President of Tribunals publishes his annual report
24 May 2018: Scheme begins on 30 May, but decisions will not attract a right of appeal
22 May 2018: Hundreds of migrants face refusal of ILR and deportation for minor tax errors
21 May 2018: Immigration Act 2016's bank checks paused after fears Windrush citizens may have been targeted
17 May 2018: Concerns raised over long delays, poor decisions, and a total lack of information
15 May 2018: Immigration policy creates hostile environment for all ethnic minorities
10 May 2018: Data will only be shared on foreign national offenders with a prison sentence of 12 months or more
9 May 2018: Increasing numbers of nationals from Vietnam, Albania and Romania among the victims
8 May 2018: 19-page guidance takes into account Immigration Act 2016 and replaces Bail Guidance Note of 2012
4 May 2018: Abusers scare women with insecure immigration status into not seeking help
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Best Practice Guide to Asylum and Human Rights Appeals, 2018 Edition
The current electronic version of the BPG by Mark Henderson, Rowena Moffatt and Alison Pickup freely available on EIN

Best Practice Guide to Asylum and Human Rights Appeals, 2003 Edition
The original 2003 version of the BPG by Mark Henderson [PDF file, 3.16MB]

The financial (minimum income) requirement for partner visas
House of Commons Library report on the minimum income threshold in the Immigration Rules, November 2017

ILPA + EIN Directory of experts
The ILPA Directory of Experts on Countries of Origin on the EIN public site

Case Management Review Hearings Template
Free PDF format pro forma template provided by HJT Training


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