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ATLEU launches new information website for lawyers who work with victims of trafficking

Date of Publication: 
26 January 2018
Summary: brings together a range of detailed information for assisting victims of trafficking

ATLEU launches new information website for lawyers who work with victims of trafficking

26 January 2018

The Anti Trafficking and Labour Exploitation Unit (ATLEU) has launched a new online resource aimed at lawyers who work with victims of trafficking.

ATLEU's new ATHUB anti-trafficking information resource website can be accessed here. You'll need to resister (for free) in order to read the site's information pages. contains detailed information on legal aid, how to identify what victims of trafficking are entitled to, the asylum process and appeals. It is the first online resource to bring all this information together in one place.

The website groups information under five main themes:

  • Introduction: What is trafficking, what do you need to know about working with victims of trafficking and the different stages within the National Referral Mechanism.
  • Immigration: Find out about the different legal options for victims of trafficking, when you should refer a client to an immigration lawyer and making an asylum claim.
  • Children and young people: How does the law differ for children, what types of exploitation do they experience, age disputes and what are the signs that a child has been trafficked.
  • Compensation: Details on the range of compensation claims available to victims of trafficking, the places where these claims can be brought and employment rights in the UK.
  • Housing and support: What to do if your client is facing destitution, eviction or dispersal and details on applying for benefits and social services support or safe house accommodation.

With the latest National Crime Agency figures showing there are far more victims of trafficking in the UK than previously estimated and with continuing cuts to legal aid and support services, ATLEU says victims of trafficking often struggle to get the information and support they need.

ATLEU's Victoria Marks said: "Trafficking is already one of the most challenging areas of law to work in and with the numbers of victims rapidly increasing, the access to practical and reliable information is more vital than ever. We believe that ATHUB will be a valuable tool in the fight against modern slavery and will help victims to get the access to justice that they deserve."