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Asylum Aid and Migrants Resource Centre announce they will now be known as Consonant

Date of Publication: 
25 April 2019

Two well-known names choose a new brand identity that celebrates diversity

Asylum Aid and Migrants Resource Centre announce they will now be known as Consonant

25 April 2019

Two well-known names in the field of immigration and asylum law - Asylum Aid and Migrants Resource Centre (MRC) - have rebranded and will now be known under the new name Consonant.

The two organisations merged in 2016 and the next stage in their joint development sees them combined under a single identity.

MRC first announced the planned identity change in February and explained that the name Consonant was chosen as it means 'to be in agreement or harmony with' and is derived from the Latin consonantem meaning 'sounding together.'

"It reflects an ambitious new strategy to promote partnerships between people of diverse origins and meaningfully engage a broader group of businesses and other stakeholders in immigration and integration issues," MRC said.

The new Consonant website is now up and running at

Wayne Myslik, formerly CEO of MRC and now CEO of Consonant, said "At the core of our new brand is the idea that Britain can be a place where everyone can belong and achieve their potential. Regardless of their starting point, Consonant will help people to live better lives, whether that means living in a safe environment without conflict or violence, learning a new language to get a fulfilling job, or working with neighbours to improve communities for everyone that lives there."

"As Consonant we will have a strong brand in order to bring people together from all backgrounds and experiences. In this way we will build more deeply integrated communities and ensure people, families and businesses have what they need to thrive."

Migrants Resource Centre has worked for over 30 years to help migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, while Asylum Aid has been providing legal representation to vulnerable and excluded asylum seekers since its founding in 1990.

In addition to providing legal advice to migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, Consonant will also provide free services such as English language courses, computer classes and career advice. You can find out more about the services offered here.