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Changes to the Bundle-Maker for version 5.6 and above

From version 5.6 (released 1 December 2015), the Bundle-Maker is signed with a SHA-256 code-signing certificate.

This is the new industry standard and is more secure than the previous SHA-1 certificate used to sign the Bundle-Maker. Microsoft and many other vendors are phasing out support for SHA-1, and SHA-1 code-signing certificates are no longer available.

Please note that Microsoft Word for Windows 2007 and below do not support SHA-256 certificates and Microsoft does not plan a fix.

The current version of the Bundle-Maker (5.7.0) supports Word 2007, but relies on adding a 'trusted location' for security. We do not envisage that many users will still be using Word 2007, but if you do and you do not want any security changes, you may wish to download version 5.5.1 of the Bundle-Maker available here. Version 5.5.1 will also work with all earlier versions of Word from 97 onwards.