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JCWI: Article 8- update

Article 8- update

12/07/2017 5:00pm to 12/07/2017 7:30pm

Venue: Central London TBC
Level: Basic
Location: London
CPD: 2.5
Trainer: Alex Cooray

The workshop will look at all aspects of presenting an appeal, from how to address the Tribunal to how to deliver closing submissions. Delegates will receive practical guidance from a trainer with over 20 years' experience in presenting immigration appeals at the FTT. Case examples will be used to highlight recurring problems and best practice. This workshop is aimed at OISC immigration advisors level 3 and solicitors who have little or no experience in advocacy but are keen to develop their skills.

The workshop will look at:

- Pre -hearing meeting with witness (es)
- Formalities on arriving at the Tribunal
- Court etiquette
- Adjournment requests
- Calling oral evidence
- Closing submissions
- Post- decision meeting with client.


At the end of the workshop delegates will have gained an improved understanding, added confidence and will be equipped with the tools to present appeals on behalf of their clients.

Course content

The relationship between Article 8 and the Immigration Rules since 9 July 2012:
· Amendments to the Rules and the tension between the position of the Home Office and practitioners
· MF (Nigeria) and whether the Rules constitute a 'complete code' for consideration of Article 8
· SS (Congo) and the test for when Article 8 must be considered outside the Rules
Essential principles
· The wording of the Convention
· The standard of proof and EM (Lebanon)
· The current relevant of the Razgar test
Establishment of a private and family life
· Couples: spouses, fiancés, cohabiting partners and others
· Parents and children
· Other family members
-Engagement of Article 8 ECHR
-The concept of interference with Article 8 rights being in accordance with the law
-The concept of interference with Article 8 rights being necessary in a democratic society
· Mahmood and subsequent cases on principles relevant to proportionality
· The economic wellbeing of the country: LD (Zimbabwe) and Mansoor
· Third Party Rights: Beoku-Betts and others
· The best interests of children: ZH (Tanzania); and the 'seven-year rule': Azimi-Moayed and PD (Sri Lanka)
· Entry Clearance: the relevance of Chikwamba and subsequent cases under the current Rules
· Reasonableness of relocation to an applicant's country of origin
Future developments
· MM and proportionality of the income threshold
· SS (Congo) and 'exceptional' circumstances
· Repeal of the Human Rights Act
· Brexit

Objectives- at the end of the course delegates will have an up to date knowledge of recent case law and its implications and will be in a better position to assist their clients.

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12 July 2017 - 5:00pm
Central London
Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI)
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Lucia 020 7553 7466
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Legal training