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HJT - Defeating Deportation: Lowering Liability and Heightening Hurdles

The deport-first, think later approach of the Home Office means that the threshold for deportation gets ever lower and the hurdle for preventing deportation proceedings from taking effect gets ever higher. Learn from the UK’s top barristers working on these cases, who will provide practical tips on:

  • Automatic and discretionary deportation
  • The statutory framework and immigration rules
  • The statutory presumptions
  • The appeals provisions including non-suspensive appeals, the use of section 94B certification and the remedies against such certificates
  • Arguing cases inside and outside the Rules
  • Revocation of deportation orders
  • Conducive to the public good appeals outside the deportation context
  • Expulsion of EEA nationals: the statutory powers to expel, abuse of rights and sham marriages, the new public interest provisions in the 2016 Regs, non-suspensive appeals and returning to present one’s case
6 March 2018 - 4:00pm - 7:00pm
London Zone 1
HJT Training LTD
David Jones, Garden Court Chambers
£125 + VAT
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Legal training