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Business Immigration Seminars

Thursday, February 8th Victoria Laughton and Althea Radford : Domicile and continuous residence

In this seminar, we will be looking at two distinct but inter-related concepts; domicile and residence. Domicile, which establishes which territory’s laws determine the rights of a person and the rights of others in relation to that person, has an important impact upon diverse legal areas, including family, tax, probate and of course immigration. We will be looking at the general principles, some of the leading authorities on the subject and the sort of evidence which may be relevant. We will also be looking at the related concept of continuous residence. We will be addressing the requirements of the domestic Immigration Rules together with policy and caselaw and how this compares to continuous residence in EU law.

8 February 2018 - 6:30pm - 8:30pm
St Brides Institute, Fleet Street, London EC4Y 8EQ
One Pump Court
Victoria Laughton and Althea Radford
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Immigration law conference