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EEA Family Permit Guide - Applying for an EEA Family Permit

Written by Coops Law, 06 June 2017

An EEA family permit can make entering the UK a smooth and swift process, if you are eligible. There are a few basic requirements which you must meet before you can go through the steps to apply for an EEA family permit and complete the documents to make an application. You would apply if you are not from Europe or the UK but, but do have a family connection with a European national and want to enter the UK. Here are the requirements which that person has to meet in order to be able to apply for the EEA family permit card, which grants them access to the whole of Europe.


You must have a relative who is an EEA national

You must already be related to an EEA national who can live permanently in the UK and live outside of the UK yourself. You could also be the carer for a person who can legally live in the UK, be the child of one such carer or be related to an EEA national who has worked in the UK.

They should also be a 'qualified' person

A qualified person is not necessarily someone with a professional or education qualification. In this case, it means they are:

✔ employed

✔ self-employed

✔ self-sufficient

✔ studying

✔ or looking for work (subject to satisfying certain conditions)

How must you both be related?

✔ Spouse or civil partner

✔ Child or grandchild under 21 years old

✔ Elderly parent or grandparent who needs their younger family

✔ Or you need to be an extended family member of the EEA national and be related as a brother, sister, cousin, aunt, uncle, nephew or niece.

In this extended family member situation, you need to have been a member of the EEA national's household, have depended on them or they take care of you because of your health needs. Each case is assessed individually and there is no guarantee of being successful.

If I meet the requirements, what are the steps to apply?

If you meet the requirements, you must then go through the application steps to obtain a family permit as a non-EEA national. The permit is valid for six months and grants you passage to enter and leave the country on an unlimited basis for that period. Beyond those six months, you can then apply for a residence card.

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